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News from models and pornstars

Courtesy of melisamendini-gold.com

Melisa Mendini: a new set is online!

Another very beautiful photo set is published on the website of Melisa Mendini. This new set is called "Le style exotique". As always, high resolution picture up to 42 mega pixel! Want to access this gallery? Great! Simply follow the link!

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Courtesy of W4B

Kendra Roll has a question for you!

Are her boobs big? Are they beautiful? Kendra asks you the question and awaits your answer! We at Spicy Nude think that your boobs look absolutely amazing, dear Kendra! And you? What do you think? Give your opinion to Kendra right now!

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Copyright unspecified

Roxy: an exclusive opportunity!

Roxy and Serenity offer you an exclusive opportunity for a sexy hard girl/girl video. They will be in London 29-31st. If you’d like a sexy photoset or a sexy video or any other custom, DM Roxy and Serenity now!

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Copyright unspecified

Alex More: a great newcomer!

New to the industry in March of 2017, Alex More hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She claims to cum at least five times per scene, at times over 20. Want to know more about Alex?

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