Spicy Nude - About us

Spicy Nude, formerly Aphrodite Beauties, was created in 2002 by Stephan Eyde de Cheres and Natalia Ambrosio, a photographer and a model, two lovers of beauty, nude and eroticism. This structure is led by a volunteer and international team of models, photographers, producers, website managers, agency managers, talent scouts, communication specialists.
The site is hosted and under the technical supervision of the American company N2C Media, created in 2010. We have a collaboration agreement with this company, but N2C Media is not responsible of our contents.

Our principles

We consider that nude, eroticism, sexuality, are an integral part of our lives. We want to fight taboos and offer a refined and sophisticated vision of eroticism and pornography.
We respect deeply the models and the pornstars. For us, nude, eroticism, pornography are activities as prestigious as painting, drawing, dancing or singing. The models and pornstars are doing a hard job. They deserve our admiration, our esteem and our support.

Our goals

We support elegant eroticism and porno chic. We want to offer our visitors an open minded area consisting of beautiful photos and videos that positively mobilize their imagination.
We are committed to promote the most talented models and actresses, whose work meets the aesthetic and ethical criteria we publicly recommend, to an audience of connoisseurs who love beauty, glamour, nude, sensuality, eroticism, sex.

We select and support actresses and models in the most objective way possible, apart from any crony or network connection. We value what is beautiful, what is sophisticated, what is refined. For example, there are plenty ways to show a blowjob scene. We systematically choose the one that reveals the beauty of the act, its erotic depth and enjoyable intensity. We will never show degrading scenes of girls sprayed with cum. We value an elegant eroticism, an inspiring and respectful pornography, hoping that our visitors, models and pornstars will appreciate our choices.

Spicy Nude Team