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Spicy Nude

About us

All you need to know about our team, our website and our history.

At the beginning of its history, the website was called Playmates Beauty (2002) and Aphrodite Beauties (2007). This website highlighted only the girls of Playboy. Then Aphrodite Beauties was opened to all models who wanted to be published. Aphrodite Beauties has helped a large number of first-time nude models to find their audience, photographers and contracts.
Aphrodite Beauties became Spicy Nude in 2018 and has been opened gradually to all forms of sensuality and nudity: topless, artistic nude, erotic nude, nude sport, nude wrestling, sex art.

Our principles

We consider that nude, eroticism, sexuality are an integral part of our lives. We want to fight taboos and offer a sophisticated vision of nude, eroticism and sex art.
We respect deeply the models. For us, nude, erotic nude, sex art are activities as prestigious as painting, drawing, dancing or singing. The models are doing a hard job. They deserve our admiration, our esteem and our support.

Our goals

We support beautiful sexiness, elegant nude, classy eroticism and respectful sex art. We want to offer our visitors an open minded area consisting of beautiful photos and videos that positively mobilize their imagination.
We are committed to promote the most talented models whose work meets our criteria to an audience of connoisseurs who love beauty, glamour, nude, sensuality, eroticism.
We select and support models in the most objective way possible, apart from any crony or network connection. We value what is beautiful, what is sophisticated, what is refined. We systematically choose what reveals an enjoyable intensity. We will never show degrading scenes. We hope that our visitors and models will appreciate and share our choices!

Spicy Nude is led by a volunteer and international team. We value the nude. So what could be more natural than showing ourselves fully naked? The photos have been taken on the naturist beach of Es Caragol, in Mallorca. You will discover them by hovering over the white spaces to the right of names or by placing your finger on them.

Editorial Board and section editors

Stephan Richardson (USA/France) 
General Manager
Stephan is a photographer. He photographed many actresses, singers and models from all over the world. His photos have been published under different professional names in numerous magazines. Stephan reduced his photography activities to teach this discipline and posing techniques in the USA and Europe. He runs numerous artistic nude and erotic nude workshops.

Natalia Ambrosio (Italy) 
Natalia is a former model. She posed for artistic and erotic nude photos before returning to study architecture. Passionate about art and design, she created her own business while maintaining a close link with nude photography and modeling. Natalia is a naturist and spends her summers on the beaches of Corsica.

Erica Taylor-Molinier (United Kingdom) 
Erica, after studying sports management, worked in different sports federations before specializing in athlete coaching. She practices fighting sport (Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Wrestling, Judo) and loves fighting completely naked in a ring. She also poses for artistic nude and erotic nude and she occasionally performs in sex art scenes.

Andrew Davis (United Kingdom) 
Andrew has been a porn actor and a nude model. When he was very young, he made erotic films with his girlfriend. Andrew has posed nude for many photographers. He is very athletic and practices bodybuilding. He is a sports consultant and a sports coach.

Claire Balva (Switzerland) 
Claire is a model. She poses for artistic and erotic nude photos and videos. She graduated in psychology and created her own company specializing in the field of personal and professional development. She is also a musician and plays the accordion solo and in a musette band.

Institutional communication - Legal service - Contracts - Mediation - Arbitration of disputes

Corinne Morizet (France) 
Corinne studied law while being a model and posing for artistic nude photos. She worked in the legal department of several international companies while continuing her activities in the world of nude art.

Graphic Identity - Overall website aesthetics - Technical management

Hu Mai (Japan/USA) 
Hu Mai is a student in webmastering and does artistic nude. She is responsible for designing the website and publishing it. She updates information and keeps it operational to user. She administers the databases related to the website's pages.

Jalia Jean (Senegal) 
Jalia is a part-time model. She also holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design. She creates all of our visual concepts. She has a great ability to work in collaboration with the entire team, but also with the models who request our know-how.

Models, you can contact us for any question or collaboration using our Twitter account or our contact form.